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If you’ve thought about therapy, consider these few questions:

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, or stress?

Are you in a military marriage and need to manage conflicts and disconnections due to infidelity, trauma, and anxiety?

Is your relationship/s being impacted by the same fight over sex, money, or family?

Do you have anger or tend to turn away when there are fights?

Does your relationship lack communication or a culture of appreciation?

Do you want to learn how to turn fights into healthy disagreements?

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Individual Therapy

It is not uncommon to feel stuck. Oftentimes when dealing with anxiety, depression, or trauma there is an impact on various domains in one’s life.

Marriage Counseling & Couples

Are you having the same fight and feel stuck? Are you having a difficult time communicating? Is trust broken due to infidelity?

Family Therapy

Has there been a shift in the way you care for your family? Having trouble navigating in-law or relative relationships? Divorce?

Military Marriage Counseling

Do you feel like there is distance between you and your partner? PTSD? Have frequent moves or deployment made you feel lonely?

Alternative Relationship Counseling

Do you have hidden desires or fantasies? Do you want to navigate new dynamics in your relationship?

LGBTQ Couples Therapy

Are you experiencing conflict in coming out in your relationship? Are you having issues with familial relationships? Are you questioning your sexual orientation?


I can help you overcome the fears and obstacles in your life.

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