Healthcare Web Design Services

Web Hosting: Multiple accounts, patient databases, and confidential information make it important for healthcare providers to use reliable and secured web hosting services. The website of a healthcare services provider needs to be fast, secure, and feature-filled. Our web hosting services ensure you high-performing websites with lightning-fast speed, high uptime, secured usage, and improved patient outcomes.

Web Design & Development

Division design provides a one-stop solution for all your web design and development services. We comprehend the significance of an attractive, visually appealing, and secure website that engages the user. We understand the importance of a website that can help the user with a pleasing experience with an easy-to-navigate website that loads fast, offers relevant information, and fit all screen sizes. We ensure your website is search engine friendly and can drive high traffic from the target audience.

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Content Writing

Our professional content writing services are high-quality, engaging, and relevant for the users improving the overall user experience, retention rate, and low bounce rate. Our team is knowledgeable in healthcare industry topics and can craft engaging content that informs and persuades readers. We help healthcare providers with improved search engine ranks by optimizing web content using relevant keywords and clear user intent. 

Custom Web Design

Every business is different, and so does the business needs. We comprehend this fact of maintaining a unique and customized online presence. We have a team of skilled and seasoned designers who can help your website reflect the brand and the value it can provide to patients. We cater to the varying needs of healthcare service providers with an eye-popping website that is easy to use.

Responsive Web Design

Our responsive web design services ensure that healthcare providers can reach their target audience across all devices and screen sizes. We create websites optimized for mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers, ensuring visitors have a seamless browsing experience no matter how they access the website. Our responsive web design services can help healthcare providers improve their online presence and reach more patients.


Division Design offers WordPress website design and development services for healthcare providers who want a flexible, user-friendly, scalable website platform. Our team of WordPress experts can create custom WordPress websites tailored to meet healthcare providers’ unique needs. We can help healthcare providers leverage the power of WordPress to improve their online presence and reach more patients.

Search Engine Optimization

A website that ranks in the top three positions of the search engine result pages can earn 70-90 percent of the total clicks. In this regard, if your website isn’t ranking on the top search pages in the top ranks, what’s the fun of having a website? We build websites that consider google algorithms and updates to rank high on the SERPs.  

Why choose division design?

Customized Solutions: We collaborate with the HCPs, tertiary care units, and clinicians to build tailor-made websites for healthcare setups that meet their needs. We create visually appealing, user-friendly, and SEO-friendly websites. Our designers, developers, and writers ensure your website helps you achieve business goals seamlessly.

Expertise in Healthcare Industry

We comprehend the needs, wants, and demands of a healthcare unit, professionals, and patients; hence we can deliver what your patients seek on your website. With the desired elements on your website, we ensure that the patient gets all the relevant and important information in one place, reducing the bounce rate with an improved retention rate. 

Responsive Web Design

We have vast experience creating responsive websites for healthcare services. With more than 700 billion people using mobile and the internet, it is important to design your website to be responsive to all screen sizes and types. We built websites that are easy to navigate and perform well across devices. We ensure you reach your target audience across all devices and screen sizes with responsive websites.

High Ranking Websites

Our websites are baked in SEO to perform high on the search engine result pages. With SEO-optimized websites, healthcare services can improve online visibility and reach the maximum potential patients. We can help healthcare professionals and tertiary care units with optimized content, keywords, and other key elements to improve the search engine ranking and drive more relevant traffic. 

Ongoing Support

We are one of the favorites of the healthcare units, professionals, and clinicians in the US for the comprehensive services we offer. We believe in building relationships through websites. We ensure that our websites provide you achieve high-end results with an answer to every question the patient may ask. Deliver value-driven services with the help of our websites which are lightning-fast, SEO-primed, and engaging with potential patients. 

Comprehensive Site Audits

We conduct comprehensive site audits to identify any issues or areas for improvement on existing healthcare websites. This allows us to make informed recommendations and create custom solutions that improve website performance and user experience.

Five Benefits of Great Healthcare Website design

A website is a way you can connect, engage, attract, and convert users into customers. It can help you get more sales. That is why a useful website is the need of the hour for all healthcare service providers, including healthcare professionals, clinicians, secondary and tertiary care setups, and nursing homes.
A website reflects your clinical excellence. It can help you find and convert the maximum potential customers and get better conversions. We mention some of the crucial benefits of having a well-performing website. Have a look:

The look and feel of the website can get you more conversions. It can ensure you a high chance of getting a conversion done. A good website is the assurance of delightful outcomes for the business.
You can get the benefits of hiring an experienced and skilled web development agency for healthcare, like division design, who can help you achieve business outcomes seamlessly.

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A website is important to have an online presence, but once the user visits your website, the functionalities can retain the visitor for a long time and reduce the bounce rate. The higher the chances a user stays at the website, the higher the chances of conversion.

It is important to find a dedicated healthcare website design company like division design to ensure the website can convert a maximum number of patients.

A dedicated healthcare company website can ensure high traffic from a specific niche and target audience. You can get more traffic from the target audience looking for your services. Keeping the website clean, simple, and dedicated to specific keywords can ensure high traffic, which a dedicated healthcare website design company can deliver.

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A website with a high ranking on the search engine result pages gets the maximum clicks and traffic. More clicks mean more traffic and higher chances of getting conversions. A dedicated website for your healthcare service can get maximum traffic from the target audience; hence, your website can boost its online visibility, optimize conversion, and get more sales.

A dedicated website design agency for healthcare, like division design, can help you get a patient-centric, high-performing, and niche-specific website that can convert the user by following the search engine guidelines and ensuring high visibility on the search engines.

A highly visible website assures users of expertise, trust, and credentials. The phenomenon of advertising is based on this fact only. More visibility impacts the psychology of the patients and attendants about the clinician’s expertise and experience, improving the chances of getting patients to trust the healthcare provider’s service.

Hiring a dedicated website design agency for healthcare can ensure you better brand credibility and give you an edge over the competition. If you are looking forward to the build a new website, don’t hesitate to connect with the division design. They are the branding experts!

4 Crucial architect web design elements!!

The patient searching for information about healthcare services, clinicians, and secondary and tertiary care setups needs a clean website to help him navigate the crisp, concise, and clear communication. This way, a healthcare provider website needs to be simple, to the point, and patient-friendly. 

The website for healthcare providers should be brief about the healthcare facilities, clinicians, specialization, and the type of services available in the hospital. It should help the users know about your services and other relevant information.

In this regard, we jot down four points that can help your website get traffic and ensure the patient receives the relevant information. Have a look:


The text used on the website needs to be simple and easy to understand. The type and size of the font include in it. The text content should be simple with small sentences. The use of headings, sub-headings and bullet points can help the patient. The patients should find the website useful with simple-to-understand text font and size. 

Easy Navigation:

The patient or the attendant should find the website easy to navigate with compelling CTAs and engaging content that clears the user intent. The design should help the patients and attendants to use the website to get meaningful information and easy-to-use content, menu and call-to-action buttons. 

Appealing Graphics:

The graphics on your healthcare website should display images and photos to help the patients connect with them. The web designer for healthcare should use the images and photos in sync with the healthcare setting. It should reflect your vision, care and compassion to serve the patients. The graphics should be helpful to assist the visitors with impressive and appealing graphics.


A good layout helps the patients and attendants to relate, connect and communicate well with the healthcare website. The layout should be impressive and relevant to the user. It should ensure a better user experience. The design can help you retain the patients on the website, providing a better patient experience. 

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Division Web Design did a terrific job for my website. They helped with every part of the process, including securing my domain address, server hosting, and web design. My colleagues and clients are very impressed by the website they built. They even showed me how to update my website on my own in the future. They were always responsive, courteous and enthusiastic, for a good price. I recommend them to anyone looking for web design or IT services.

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These guys are awesome. Your modern day young business owners, knowing exactly what's new and great in the market. They did an excellent job with our web design for Black Diamond billiards in Union,NJ. The owner sham is a very dedicated person, who will text call and even link up on a weekly basis to make sure all the content is up to date. There office is a hidden Gem in the heart of Rahway, stop by and you will see for yourself.

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Sham and his team created a sophisticated and "easy to navigate" website for my small business. In addition to being extremely efficient, they also made several revisions without making me feel like a nuisance. They helped bring my vision to life and they paid close attention to detail. Their rate is also very reasonable and they will help you out as much as they can. I would 10/10 recommend Division Web Design to anyone looking to build a awesome website with a great team to back you up.

Jasmine Camacho

Great web design and creative crew to help me rebrand my business. They pretty much went inside my head, took my visions, and made then a reality. Very great at communication as well. I was never left hanging at any point, every question was answered!

Jesse Speno

Professional and excellent service, the team here did a great job listening to what we wanted and needed, then taking the time to design and iterate on the project until we were happy. I plan on coming back to this team for numerous projects as they are a delight to work with!

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