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We believe, Non-Profits are serving the noble cause for the communities and develop them into sustainable human resources that can again create an IMPACT.

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Elements of a good website for Non-profits

We design and develop websites for non-profits. A website for non-profits is different in approach and vision as compared to the normal business websites because more often, these websites do not sell or earn profit, but seek donations for a noble cause. The website should support the mission and goal of the organization and give an easy and engaging user experience.

Keeping the object and goals of the website, it is important to know the basic elements of a good website for the non-profits which are as follows:

Clear and Compelling Mission Statement:

A mission statement is the most promising way one can connect with the donors and keep the image of the organization intact, hence, it is important to make the mission statement loud and clear with compelling message so as to appeal and urge more people to donate for the welfare of others.

User-friendly design:

The website should be easy to use, visually appealing and mobile responsive. It should have clear call to action buttons with well-articulated and easy to understand content.

Information about Programs and Services:

The website should provide clear and complete information about the programs and services of the non-profit. It should also state the way it has implemented the process and impacted lives with facts and figures.

Volunteer and Donation Opportunities:

The website should be easy for the visitors to engage with the volunteer opportunities and the donation process. It should help people understand their overall modus of operandi to ensure high donations and engagement.

Social Proof:

Social proof can help the organization build trust and credibility with the potential volunteers and donors. It includes testimonials and success stories which can evoke the emotions of the visitor.

Up-to-date News and Events:

News and event section at the website can give detailed information about the programs running under the aegis of the organization and the process. It helps build a connection with the potential donor and volunteer.

Strong Visuals:

Visuals impart a long-lasting and immediate effect on our psychology. That’s the reason, people believe in the phrases like ‘seeing is believing.’ The website should incorporate engaging visuals like images, videos and infographics that can help the visitor understand the non-profit and convey its impact.


The website should use alt text for the images, and captions for videos with high-contrast text to make the website accessible.

Privacy and Security:

Privacy and security are essential elements of any website and the website for non-profits should also ensure that the data and other details of visitors should remain safe and intact.

Contact Information:

If the visitor wishes to get in touch with the organization, the website should have clear contact information including phone number and email address. The visitor should find it easy to get the contact details of the organization to make a query or seek information or make a donation or volunteer.


Web Design Process

We believe that a sound and tested process can yield the outcomes you always dreamed of. This way we craft a process in which the core elements are similar with slight changes in the branding, marketing, and other elements which are specific to the business. have a look at the key phases of the process of web design for non-profit organizations at Division Web Design.

Information gathering is the first step in designing a website for a non-profit organization. It includes the values, mission, goals and target audience of the organization. This process is also known as discovery call in which the organization representative sits along the design company to detail out the meaningful information about the organization so that the design company is clear at every step of the process.
Post discovery call, it’s time to finalize the goals and objectives of the organization’s website. some of the goals include the awareness of the organization, appeal and attract new donors and volunteers and promote new events.
The sitemap of the website outlines the website’s navigation and structure. Once the goals and objectives with the target audience are finalized, sitemap of the website is developed. It includes all the pages and sections that will be visible on the website.
The wireframes are the next step in designing a website for a non-profit organization. Wireframes are usually the sketches of the layout and content of the website. it is essential to consider user experience and content hierarchy. This is the step which decides how visitors will interact with the site.
User interface is one of most talked about term in website design. Once the wireframes are finalized, user interface is designed. It includes choosing the fonts, colors, and images that align with the brand of the organization and its mission. The design should be visually appealing and easy to navigate and accessible to all.
Once the design is ready, it’s time to develop the website. development includes two phases. One is known as front-end development in which the visible side of the website is seen to the user and back-end is the phase where actual coding is done by the back-end developers. The website should be developed in compliance with the responsiveness to mobiles.
At this stage, the website becomes ready to launch for the general use. But, before launching it, the website goes to the testing phase. Testing includes accessibility, usability and functionality testing. Once all the aspects are tested and approved, the website becomes completely ready to launch.
Once the website is launched for the general use, we monitor and analyze the performance of the website across the performance metrices. According to the performance of the website, the website is maintained and updated. This step include content updating, new feature addition and fixing the bugs. Proper and regular maintenance can ensure the website remain updated and continue to support the goals of the organization.

How can a non-profits website make an IMPACT?

A non-profit organization’s website can make a significant impact in several ways:


Raise Awareness

If you wish to raise awareness about the mission, programs and impact of the organization, a website can be the best resource you have. It can help you share stories, photos, statistics that can help the visitors comprehend the work and compulsion of the organization and its existence.


Engage Supporters

A website can help the organization to engage supporters by providing the opportunities to donate, volunteer and involve with the organization. It offers the resources like blogs, social media links, newsletters that allows supporters to stay connected and informed.


Build Relationships

Website is the best way to build relationships with the volunteers and donors and partners. Website acts as the platform to act as a bridge that connect the volunteers and donors with the organization. It helps to share the updates, express the gratitude and show the impact of their contribution on the lives.


Increase Efficiency

A website help the organization increase the efficiency by automating the tasks like volunteer sign-ups, event registrations, online donations. This can be a great help to save the time and resources to focus on the other significant assignments and tasks.

Choose Division Web Design

Your website is the mirror image of your organization. It creates a digital aura about your vision, mission statement and working culture of the organization.

Don’t let any amateur developer ruin it. connect with the experts who has significant experience and expertise in designing websites for non-profits and deliver the desired delightful outcomes. Choose Division Web Design.

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1. Experience

We are experienced enough to understand the needs, wants and demands of non-profits and create a digital identity that can be felt across the medium to communicate your mission and goals to your target audience effectively. We are experienced professionals in this domain.

2. Customization

Every organization is different with different approach, vision and mission to achieve the desired outcomes and goals. we understand the need of having different needs, hence we customize web design for organizations. We create websites that reflect your brand and engages with the audience and ensures you achieve the desired outcomes.

3. Responsive Design:

With more than 7 billion mobile phone users, it is important to consider such a big user base with designing mobile-responsive websites. we ensure that our websites are fit to perform on every gadget and ensure seamless experience.

4. 24/7 Support:

Division We provide regular support for the maintenance for your non-profit website so that it stays relevant and updated to use and perform well.

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