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Our Web Application Development Process For New Jersey Businesses:

The web application development at Division Web Design comprises the following steps:

Discovery Call

A discovery call is the first step of the web app development process. We gather meaningful insights about the business, the purpose of building a web app, business goals, target audience, competition, and market. Discovery call includes collecting relevant and meaningful information about identifying the needs of the users and stakeholders. These insight requirements should be documented in a requirements specification document.

The discovery call should include the following information:

• The purpose of the web application
• The target audience
• The features and functionality of the web application
• The non-functional requirements, like scalability, performance, and security
• The market insights
• The competition and changing buyer behavior


Design is the next step in the web development process. It includes designing the web application. Design is creating a wireframe or prototype of the web application. The design should be user-friendly and easy to use.

The wireframe or prototype needs to include the following information:

• The layout of the web application
• The navigation of the web application
• The design of the web pages
• The style guide for the web application


The next step in the web app development process is development. In this phase of the process, the web application is created. Development involves coding the application and testing it to ensure it works perfectly. You can divide the development phase into the following tasks:

• Front-end development: This is the phase in which the website’s user interface is developed.
• Back-end development: This is the part in which the server-side logic of the web application is built and developed.
• Database Development: Database Development is the phase in which the database for the web application is developed.


Testing is the next step after development in web application development. The web application needs to be tested to ensure it works seamlessly. Testing involves testing the application for functionality, usability, and performance.

The testing phase can be divided into the following parts:

• Unit testing: In this testing phase, individual code units are tested.
• Integration Testing: Integration testing is the phase that involves testing how different code units interact. 
• System Testing: System testing is the testing that includes the entire web application.
• User Acceptance Testing: User Acceptance Testing involves testing the web application with users to ensure it suits their needs.


The final step of the web application development process is deployment. This involves making the web application available for the general use of the users. It is done by hosting the web app on a web server, or it can be done by making the app available to use with the help of a mobile app store. The deployment phase usually involves the following parts:

• Staging: Staging is deploying the web app to a staging environment for testing. 
• Production: This deployment phase involves deploying the web application to a production environment to use by users.

 Benefits Of Web Application Development In New Jersey:

Web application development is beneficial for businesses to interact, connect and relate with the audience. It helps businesses to comprehend the needs of understanding changing user behavior. Web apps can help a user to get a personalized and customized user interface that can ensure the attainment of business goals seamlessly.

We jot down some of the crucial benefits of web application development in New Jedrsey. Have a look:


You can get global accessibility with the help of web apps. It helps them by making them ideal for businesses looking to expand their reach. You can sell your digital products online to a global audience with the help of a web application.
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Web apps are cost-effective as compared to traditional software and portals. This is because the web apps are cloud-technology based, which allows subscription-based usage. The businesses need to pay only for the required resources, which results in significant cost savings, particularly for fluctuating workloads.


Web apps are scalable. You can grow your business as per the changing business needs and demands. You can host your web apps on swiftly adjusted servers to take care of the increasing traffic and cut down downtime and costly interruptions.
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Security is an additional feature of web apps. You can use various resources and make your web apps secure. You can use web applications with firewalls, intrusion detection, and encryption to protect them.

Protect sensitive data and offer secure services to your customers. Allow them to confidently manage their accounts online, knowing their information is safe with you.


Another additional benefit of web apps is customizability. Tailored web apps can help businesses cater to diversified needs using different frameworks and CMS.
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Usability is another benefit of using web applications. The web apps are designed to deliver a user-friendly interface that a web browser can also access. Web apps are user-friendly, like social media websites where anyone can create an account, post content, and interact with people, communities, and organizations.


Web apps are upgradable. The newly launched features and functionalities are easy to use with the web apps. They are hosted on servers, making applying the app changes simple.
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Another benefit of using a web app is analytics. You can track and analyze how users interact with your web app and how they behave. Businesses use this data to improvise the app and make it more user-friendly and engaging.


Web apps help businesses to integrate web apps with other apps and systems. This needs help to share the data between the different systems.
For example, A business can integrate its CRM with the accounting system to track customer interactions and manage its finances.
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Tips For Developing Web Applications In New Jersey:

Plan your web application carefully.
Choose the right development tools and technologies.
Design a user-friendly interface.
Write clear and concise code.
Test your web application thoroughly.
Secure your web application.
Monitor your web application’s performance.
Keep your web application up to date.
Promote your web application.
Maintain your web application.

Following these tips can increase your chances of developing a successful web application.

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